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Today, as we celebrate International Women's Day.
I want to take a moment to extend my deepest appreciation and admiration to all the incredible women who contribute tirelessly to the heartbeat of our city. 
To our city employees, elected officials, and every woman who makes our city stronger, smarter, and more compassionate, I say thank you.
Your dedication, resilience, and leadership inspire me daily. Seeing how our female city employees and elected officials navigate challenges with grace and determination highlights what today is all about: recognizing women's indispensable role in society.
It's a personal honor to work alongside such powerful and capable women. Your contributions do not just support the fabric of our city; they weave a brighter future for everyone. As Mayor, I am constantly inspired by your strength, wisdom, and boundless commitment to our city. 
And to all women everywhere: know that your presence is crucial, your contributions are invaluable, and your potential is limitless. You shape our world in ways that deserve celebration, not just today but every day.
Here's to the women of our city and women around the world — thank you for everything you do. You are not only important; you are indispensable, you are admired, and you are loved.

Mayor Caba

Click here for the video dedication