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and recent investment in high-tech policy and elevated crime vigilance

Perth Amboy, 11/01/2023: In striking contrast to the high crime trends identified in a recent analysis, the City of Perth Amboy has reported a remarkable downturn in its local crime rates. This news was shared during the 10/25/2023 City Council meeting, where Mayor Helmin J. Caba and Police Chief Larry Cattano also outlined the success of advanced policing measures and vigilant crime prevention strategies initiated since 2021. These trends, sourced from the FBI Data Explorer, spanned 1985 to 2022 and illustrated Perth Amboy's commitment to ensuring public safety. Notably, the city's population increased by 42.3% during this period from 38,951 in 1980 to 55,444 in 2020, as per the US Census report. 

Key Crime Trend Insights from the FBI Database (1985-2022, 2023*) with a Year-by-Year Analysis:
Despite the challenges posed by spikes in certain crime statistics, the FBI Data Explorer reveals that Perth Amboy has made considerable headway in reversing these trends. 
FBI Data Explorer link
  • Arson: Plummeted by 94.4% - from 36 (1988) to 2 (2023)
  •  Burglary: Slashed by 93.7% - from 884 (1994) to 55 (2023)
  •  Homicide: Remarkable 100% reduction - from 5 (1987) to 0 (2023)
  •  Motor Vehicle Theft: Dropped by 88.5% - from 410 (1988) to 47 (2023)
  •  Rape: Reduced by 83.3% - from 30 (1991) to 5 (2023)
  •  Robbery: Decreased by 91.8% - from 197 (1992) to 16 (2023)
  •  Aggravated Assault: Down by 56.1% - from 296 (1993) to 130 (2023)
  •  All Property Crimes: Lowered by 83.2% - from 2662 (1994) to 445 (2023)

 Mayor Caba and Chief Cattano identified various events and milestones that may have influenced the city's crime rates. Despite potential external pressures, the dedication of the Perth Amboy Police ensured that public safety remained a priority. Under Mayor Caba's leadership, the recent turnaround in success was attributed to the strategic use of advanced technology, a reinforced focus on community policing, the expansion of the Stationhouse Adjustment Program, and the re-establishment of the D.A.R.E. initiative within schools.  These strategic moves further highlight the city's commitment to proactive community engagement and education, especially among the youth, where these initiatives have been particularly critical in areas where crime was historically prevalent.

Forward-Looking Policing Tactics and Community Collaboration
The notable decline in crime under Mayor Caba’s direction highlights the city's proactive deployment of high-tech resources. Efforts include the integration of digital forensics, state-of-the-art ballistic and fingerprint analysis, and real-time crime detection and response systems. Complementing these technological advancements, Perth Amboy has fostered stronger community ties through various programs and initiatives, addressing the roots of crime and preventing its escalation.

Ongoing Dedication to Public Safety
Mayor Caba also emphasized the city's strategic goals. "We aim to staff our police department with 145 officers by 2024. With the expansion of our Community Watch Program, with business community engagement and state-of-the-art Flock Safety Solutions technology, our response times are becoming more efficient than ever before. Thanks to the support from our council, we remain committed to further investing in advanced tools and resources, ensuring we are making Perth Amboy safer than ever for all our residents.”

Chief Cattano added, "Our achievements today result from relentless teamwork, an adaptive force, and the trust our community places in us. As we forge ahead, we pledge to uphold these values and keep Perth Amboy safe. This milestone would not be possible without the dedication and hard work of the Men and Women of this great Department.”

As Perth Amboy moves forward, the city remains dedicated to maintaining the momentum in reducing crime and enhancing the quality of life for all residents.  For further information and to view the Public Safety presentation from the City Council meeting, click here.

*Reporting for 2023, up to October, has been provided by the Perth Amboy Police Department for submission to the federal level.

Contact: Lisett Lebron
Chief of Staff, Office of the Mayor
City of Perth Amboy
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