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 PERTH AMBOY- (DECEMBER 19, 2023) The Perth Amboy Police Department is announcing a significant breakthrough in its ongoing efforts to combat illegal drug sales in the community. After a meticulous investigation spanning nearly a month, the Special Investigations Unit has successfully apprehended three individuals linked to the sale of unregulated marijuana in two local smoke shops.

The investigation, initiated due to numerous community complaints, centered on Smokey Hut Smoke Shop and Mini Mart located at 553 Sayre Avenue, Perth Amboy, NJ. The shop, operated without a proper license for marijuana sales, became a focal point of the investigation. Further inquiries led to the discovery of a secondary location, Smokey Hi, situated at 100 Main Street in Woodbridge Township, NJ, also involved in the distribution of illegal substances.

In a coordinated operation on December 8, 2023, the Perth Amboy Police Department's Special Investigations Unit, in collaboration with the Woodbridge Police Department Narcotics Unit and the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office task force, executed Superior Court search warrants at both Smokey Hut Smoke Shop and Mini Mart and Smokey Hi. The operation also included a search of a residence in Woodbridge, NJ. These searches led to the seizure of quantities of illegal, unregulated marijuana.

The individuals arrested in this operation are:

  • Akash Kapahi , aged 43, of Woodbridge, NJ, is the owner of both smoke shops.
  •  Bhavika Kapahi , aged 39, of Woodbridge, NJ, is the owner of both smoke shops.
  • Devan Arvindakumar Luthra , aged 45, of Woodbridge, NJ, is an employee and brother of Bhavika Kapahi.

These arrests mark a crucial step in our ongoing efforts to uphold the law and safeguard our community from illegal drug activities. The Perth Amboy Police Department, Woodbridge Police Department, and The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office remain committed to the relentless pursuit and prosecution of individuals involved in such unlawful enterprises. We thank the citizens for their invaluable tips and our partner agencies for their support in this operation.

Contact Information:  For further information, please contact Police Chief Cattano, Perth Amboy Police Department, at (732) 324-3801.