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with a new patient care wing and full radiology services including a Digital Mammography System designed to meet the community’s needs

PERTH AMBOY, NEW JERSEY (DECEMBER 8, 2021) – Mayor Helmin J. Caba alongside John T. O’Leary, Chief Executive Officer of the Jewish Renaissance Medical Center (JRMC) hosted a virtual unveil of the Same Day Patient Care Wing and Radiology Suite in the newly renovated federally qualified health center located at 275 Hobart Street, Perth Amboy, NJ.

In 2020, the Perth Amboy City Council awarded the JRMC $125,000 from the Community Development Block Grant Cares Act to assist in the construction of an infectious disease negative pressure suite/wing within its existing facility. Included in the new patient wing, is an innovative and expanded infectious disease department with eight rooms, air management and infection control HVAC System.  In addition, the City of Perth Amboy awarded $217,127.00 to the JRMC to provide a robust COVID-19 testing and vaccination program to prevent and slow the spread of the Coronavirus.  
“Today’s announcement reflects what we have achieved to better position the City of Perth Amboy for the future by providing enhanced facilities and a broader range of programs responsive to all the needs of our residents,” said Mayor Caba. “The new wing, provides a distinctive image for the JRMC as a FQHC leader.  We are a proud partner with the JRMC and look to continue to respond to our resident needs with the goal of promoting healthy active living and wellness.”

“The modernized wing provides the location and accessible care to all residents, while equipping our medical staff with the tools they need to deliver the highest-quality medical care,” said John T. O’Leary.  “Designed to respond to the overall patient experience in managing the COVID-19 virus and other illnesses, the new 1600 square-foot acute care wing focuses on administering the COVID-19 testing and vaccinations on site and walk-ins.”

Also in attendance was Assembly Speaker Craig J. Coughlin, Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez, Cynthia Vuittonet, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, JRMC, Christine Murray, Women's Health Product Manager, Fujifilm Healthcare, Dr. Deepak Naran Radiologist and Senior Partner, and local community and business partners. “I am proud to join the City of Perth Amboy and the JRMC and applaud their partnership to invest in the city’s healthcare infrastructure through the purchase of a state-of-the-art breast cancer screening tool and construction of a same day patient care wing,” said Assemblywoman Lopez. “Partnerships between city government and medical systems provide a strong foundation for improved healthcare outcomes and yield long-term and highly impactful benefits. I am proud to continue supporting the JRMC and congratulate the medical center for staying on the cutting edge of healthcare services and the City of Perth Amboy, especially Mayor Helmin Caba, for investing in an integral part of the community.”  

The second part of the press conference included the announcement of the newly designed radiology suite with enhances services including the FujiFilm Digital Mammography System, Aspire Cristalle; first in the State of New Jersey.  The JRMC has provided education, resources, preventive care and personal health management to the City of Perth Amboy and the neighboring communities for over 20 years. Each year, the educational needs and awareness for women’s health increases. In Middlesex County, 38.2% are age 40-plus - 421,000 of whom are females. “The JRMC has served 26,000 patients - 60% whom are women; but sadly, over 50% of women patients have never had a mammogram,” said, Cynthia Vuittonet, JRMC’s Chief Medical Officer.  “With our fervent advocacy to increase access for woman’s wellness on education, essential services, and support, AQ Renaissance Imaging and FujiFilm, are the best certified and clinical professionals to direct health services and programs that will deliver innovative services to enhance health empowerment.”
“AQ Renaissance Imaging is proud to partner with the JRMC with state of the art radiology services including 3D mammography with the FujiFilm Digital Mammography System available to JRMC patients as well for the residents of Perth Amboy and Middlesex County,” said Qasim Hussain, President, AQ Imaging Networks AQIN.   
“Fujifilm, AQ Renaissance Imaging and JRMC all share the same focus- improving access to the latest in breast imaging technology for this community. We couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this initiative,” said Christine Murray, Women's Health Product Manager, Fujifilm Healthcare

The JRMC is a full-service community-based medical and dental center whose mission is to provide high-quality, evidence-based healthcare services to all patients who walk through our doors, regardless of economic circumstances. Services include adult medicine, pediatrics, women’s health, dental, nutrition, behavioral health, endocrinology, lab and pharmacy services with a diverse staff of which pledge quality care with compassion and respect, includes a growing staff of 160 medical professionals.  JRMC has been nationally recognized as a Level 3 NCQA Patient Centered Medical. To learn more about the JRMC, go to,

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