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PERTH AMBOY, NJ – August 7, 2023 - The City of Perth Amboy is thrilled to announce the receipt of a combined $3 million allocation to enhance pedestrian safety on Convery Boulevard. The funds include $2 million under the FY 2024 NJ State Appropriation Bill for pedestrian safety improvements on Convery Blvd, focusing on creating a safe and accessible crossing near the new high school, the largest school project undertaken by the NJ School Development Authority (NJSDA) on this bustling thoroughfare. Additionally, the city has been awarded a $1 million grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation through the FY 2023 Local Freight Impact Fund. This initiative addresses residents’ safety concerns around the new high school and heavily trafficked areas.

Convery Boulevard is a vital industrial roadway for many commuters, catering to large trucks that access nearby distribution and manufacturing centers. Approximately 13,443 vehicles traverse this road daily, with large trucks accounting for 5.8% of this traffic. Given this corridor’s significance for residents and businesses, ensuring pedestrian safety has been an urgent priority.

A recent Census report showcased the diversity of Perth Amboy, where a significant portion of our residents embrace eco-friendly transportation choices. 63% of Perth Amboy households use public transportation. The NJ TRANSIT bus stops along Convery Boulevard have become the lifeline and meet the daily commuting needs.  Moreover, Perth Amboy takes great pride in being a bustling hub of recreational activities at Veterans Memorial Youth Complex and Willow Pond Park, drawing visitors of all ages.

The importance of pedestrian safety improvements is further accentuated by the opening of the city’s new high school in 2024. The new school is currently being constructed on an 11.63-acre site, and the project is anticipated to open in September 2024. The construction of this highly anticipated school will result in a state-of-the-art facility for 3,300 students in grades nine through twelve. This development will significantly increase foot traffic in the region, making it even more vital to ensure safe crossings and intersections.

“I’m grateful we were able to secure $2 million in this year’s state budget to support Perth Amboy’s pedestrian crossing over Convery Boulevard,” said Senator Joe Vitale. “This project is about safety – the safety of the residents of Perth Amboy and, importantly, the safety of our students. I can’t think of a better way to allocate state funds than to ensure the safety of our kids, and this initiative does just that.”

“Projects like this demonstrate what can be done when state and local government work together on behalf of our constituents,” said Speaker Craig Coughlin.   “My legislative colleagues and I are pleased we can help bring resources to Perth Amboy to meet the needs of this growing community and to ensure the safety of our neighbors and children, especially around our schools.”

Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez echoed the sentiment: “Pedestrian safety remains a top priority for the City of Perth Amboy, particularly regarding dangerous intersections and crossings. The recent announcement of Perth Amboy's new high school heightened concerns about the safety of our students and school personnel while crossing Route 35. I am immensely proud that we secured funding in this budget to address these concerns and ensure pedestrian safety. Investing in safety is investing in our community's future, and I eagerly look forward to successfully completing these essential projects."

"I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to our dedicated legislative officials of District 19, Senator Joe Vitale, Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin, and Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez,” said Mayor Helmin J. Caba. Their work in securing the necessary funds for these pedestrian safety improvements shows a commitment to public safety and the future of our community.  This funding demonstrates the power of collaboration between state and local governments in addressing critical community needs. With this financial support, we can embark on vital safety measures that will protect the well-being of our citizens, especially around our schools and high-traffic areas."

“With over 3,500 students and staff commuting to the new Perth Amboy High School on Convery Boulevard on a daily basis starting in September of 2024, safely crossing this very busy road has been at the forefront of several discussions,” said Dr. David A. Roman, Superintendent Perth Amboy Public Schools.  “Building a pedestrian bridge that will allow “all” Perth Amboy residents to cross that street in a safe and reliable manner is certainly a very good idea. We look forward to having continued conversations with the City of Perth Amboy about the pedestrian bridge project and will continue to support a project that directly impacts the safety of students and staff of the New Perth Amboy High School.”

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As the City of Perth Amboy prepares for these transformative changes, they invite residents, stakeholders, and visitors to celebrate this milestone in its community's development. The Convery Blvd Safety Improvement Project will enhance pedestrian safety and accessibility within the city. For more information or updates on the Convery Blvd Safety Improvement Project, please visit and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and X, formerly Twitter

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