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Tennis shines in Perth Amboy, as highlighted in the recent USTA article from 10/26/2023. Thanks to our dedicated Office of Recreation team, our city celebrates a tennis history dating back to when legends like Arthur Ashe graced our courts in the 60s.

With Kenneth Ortiz leading our recreation department, we're bridging our proud tennis past with a vibrant present. It's worth noting that for many of our 60,000 residents, predominantly Latinos, tennis is more than a game. It's about community, networking, and core values.

Our summer kickoff saw 250 residents turn up, with 40 joining our programs. Thanks to initiatives like trips to the US Open and collaborations with the Ronald William Spevack Tennis Foundation, we're championing the potential of our young players. Ortiz ensures that everyone has a chance to play regardless of their financial situation.

Let's keep supporting our recreation department's mission, showing how sports can enrich our city.

USTA Article: