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For Immediate Release:
Aug. 11, 2021
Mayor’s Office
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(732) 826-0290 x4005
Rob Horowitz
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Signs Measures to Put De-Escalation at the Forefront of Perth Amboy Public Safety
PERTH AMBOY, NJ (AUGUST 11, 2021) Mayor Helmin J. Caba, issued an Executive Order today that enhances public safety with de-escalation policies and publicly signed an ordinance creating a community advisory board, the Perth Amboy Citizen's’ Public Safety Advisory Board.
The Board, designed to build mutual respect between the police and the community by ensuring de-escalation training and other de-escalation policies are brought to the attention of the City's leadership, were proposed by the Perth Amboy Civic Trust and developed in consultation with experts from The Citizens Campaign, as well as with the input of Perth Amboy police officers, the Frontline Youth and the Perth Amboy City Council.
The Executive Order requires de-escalation performance in accordance with the de-escalation training provided to Perth Amboy Police Officers, be an explicit factor considered in officers’ promotion decisions.  This reinforces Perth Amboy Police Department’s commitment to developing police officers that are “guardians” of public safety and the community.
The Citizen’s Public Safety Advisory Board, which the City Council adopted unanimously, will ensure a continuing search for, and implementation of, best practice de-escalation policies and programs, including increased and improved de-escalation trainings, better use of force reporting and more effective recruitment and hiring practices for consideration by the mayor and police director.   Evidence shows that an emphasis on de-escalation helps to reduce avoidable incidents and injuries for both Perth Amboy residents and police officers while reducing the legal fees and the pay-outs cities make to settle excessive use of force lawsuits. 
The Advisory Board will also review an annual audit provided by the Perth Amboy Police Department to report progress on any policies or practices adopted and planned to improve the de-escalation capabilities and performance of the Department.  The Board will additionally conduct public hearings to receive best practice de-escalation policy input from members of the community, including police officers.
The 7-member Advisory Board will be appointed by the City Council. It will include 3 youth members (2 that are twenty-one to thirty years old, and 1 that is sixteen to twenty years old).  The Board will also include two police officers, one with training expertise and the other with community policing experience. 
“The Executive Order and ordinance I’m signing today will ensure a comprehensive community-wide commitment to de-escalation and the continuing development of our city’s public safety measures,” said Mayor of Perth Amboy Helmin Caba.  “We will all benefit from this, police and residents alike.”
“I commend Mayor Caba for his leadership in issuing this executive order making de-escalation performance an explicit factor in police officers’ promotions and for his strong support of establishing the Advisory Board that will keep the focus on de-escalation” said Harry Pozycki, Perth Amboy Civic Trustee and Founder of The Citizen Campaign.  “His actions combined with those of the leaders of the George Floyd march, the City Council and the Perth Amboy Police Department, demonstrate that we need not be captives to a choice between opposing and supporting the police. We can work together to achieve the best in 21st century public safety.”
“These measures will directly improve and impact the lives of all Perth Amboy residents by allowing youth leaders, along with veteran leaders, to actively engage in improving our City’s public safety and will foster a relationship of mutual respect between the Perth Amboy Police and the community,” said Samantha Castro, Leader of the Frontline, and organizer of a peaceful protest of over 1,000 Perth Amboy residents. “It allows all Perth Amboy residents to be part of the solution!”