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with a new mobile gift card program sponsored by the City of Perth Amboy Neighborhood Preservation Program and the Perth Amboy Business Improvement District; a new way to give back to the community.

 Perth Amboy, NJ – November 11, 2022 – Mayor Helmin J. Caba, along with the Perth Amboy Neighborhood Preservation Program and the Perth Amboy Business Improvement District, is proud to announce the sponsorship of a new Downtown  E-Gift Card. This community-based digital gift card makes it fun and easy to keep local spending local. This e-gift card initiative in the BID/NPP district will launch on November 15th, just in time for holiday shopping in the downtown district. This gift card featuring “Bonus Bucks” will match customers’ purchases at 100% to double shopper spending in participating eateries and retail stores.


When you purchase a $25 gift card at a participating business, Perth Amboy partners will match it with a $25 Bonus Bucks card, and now the cardholder has a total of $50 to spend in our shopping district. 
PURCHASE A DOWNTOWN E-GIFT CARD AT HTTPS://APP.YIFTEE.COM/GIFT-CARD/CITY-OF-PERTH-AMBOY TO USE AT ANY OF THE 20 (AND GROWING) PARTICIPATING SHOPS IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. Customers can choose to spend it at one participating store in the Perth Amboy downtown district—or mix it up and spend flexibly at multiple locations.  All digital and always available on your phone, the Downtown E-Gift Card is a great gift for the holidays.

The Downtown eGift Card is the perfect way to double your dollars while supporting your local business community!


Participating in this program means supporting the heart of what makes our community unique. The purchase of a Downtown E-Gift Card creates a pool of cash that local businesses in Perth Amboy can rely on. Studies have shown that local independent retailers recirculate 52% of their revenue back into the community, while only 14% of national chains’ revenue stays in the community. More dramatically, restaurants recirculate 73% of their revenue back into the community.

By supporting local businesses, more money continues circulating through the local community—this is achieved through a combination of profits paid to local business owners, wages paid to local workers, goods and services procured locally for internal use or resale, and charitable giving within the community. For more information or to participate as a merchant in the program, please contact the Office of Economic and Community Development via email at [email protected].   

About Perth Amboy Neighborhood Preservation Program

The Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP) is a five-year grant from the NJ Department of Community Affairs that is designed to generate visible, tangible change in the Perth Amboy shopping district driven by local residents and business owners. The NPP boundaries extend along Smith Street from High Street to Bertrand Street and on New Brunswick Avenue from Smith Street to Jefferson Street.  Perth Amboy NPP is committed to persevering and revitalizing the Downtown District, resulting in increased economic, place, social and civic value. The main goals include:  improving and maintaining the local business economy, improving pedestrian health and walkability for local residents, and fostering a culture of art and neighborhood preservation. 

About Perth Amboy Business Improvement District

The Perth Amboy Downtown Business Improvement District, Inc. (BID) serves local businesses and property owners with support for economic revitalization, business promotion, and educational resources. The BID also serves the community and its visitors by scheduling and coordinating a year-long schedule of special events. Programming includes business seminars, skill-building programs for employers/ employees, and business meetings. The BID has also made significant capital improvements by offering façade grants to small businesses and by helping maintain the City’s streetscapes with information kiosks, planters, and directional signs, as well as seasonal decorations.

About Yiftee

Yiftee ( is the award-winning, no-hassle eGift card and promotions solution for local businesses and communities. With no special technology or POS integration, no revenue share, and no special accounting, it's easy for merchants to offer eGift Cards on their website and Facebook pages. Merchants gain additional sales, foot traffic, and an eGifting capability like big retailers. Consumers, corporations, and merchants use the Yiftee mobile and online website to send thoughtful, unexpected gifts via email, text or print. Recipients pick up their Yiftee gifts using their smartphones at their favorite local restaurants and shops, driving profitable business to those merchants. For more info, see or email [email protected].