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 Date: 12/19/2023


PERTH AMBOY, NJ – On December 10, 2023, at precisely 6:26 PM, a critical incident unfolded on the Victory Bridge, where the quick actions of the Perth Amboy and Sayreville Police Departments saved a life. The incident began with a vehicle accident report on the bridge, as called into the Perth Amboy Police Department.
Sergeant Juan DeJesus of the Perth Amboy Police was the first to arrive. He discovered a black Dodge Avenger parked against the bridge railing.  A witness urgently informed Sgt. DeJesus of a woman poised to jump from the bridge. Body camera footage, which has been reviewed and corroborated, shows the intense moments that followed.
Sgt. DeJesus immediately intervened to prevent the woman from jumping. Despite her resistance and distress, evidenced by her repeated cries of "let me die," Sgt. DeJesus maintained his hold. His efforts were soon bolstered by Officers C. Mendes and K. Kryzanowski from the Sayreville Police Department, who arrived promptly and assisted in pulling the female back over the railing to safety.
The woman was then secured and cared for by EMS before being transported to Hackensack Meridian Health for further treatment. She later shared her distress over personal issues, including the recent loss of her father and strained family relationships.
The investigation revealed that her vehicle was not involved in a collision but was used as leverage to climb over the railing.

Larry Cattano, Chief of Perth Amboy Police: "This incident is a stark reminder of our officers' critical role in mental health crises: The bravery and quick thinking of Sgt. DeJesus. DeJesus and the officers from Sayreville PD undoubtedly saved a life that night. We also want to highlight the importance of the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline, a valuable resource for those in need."

Dan Plumacker, Chief of Sayreville Police: "The collaboration between Perth Amboy and Sayreville Police in this incident exemplifies our commitment to public safety and mental health awareness. Our officers' dedication and compassion in handling such sensitive situations are commendable. We continue to work together to ensure the well-being of our communities."

The Perth Amboy and Sayreville Police Departments commend the bravery and professionalism of all officers involved in this life-saving effort. They thank the emergency services and medical personnel who provided immediate care.
For anyone struggling with thoughts of suicide or in need of emotional support, the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is available 24/7. Please remember you are not alone.

Contact Information:  Perth Amboy Police Department | (732) 324-3801

For body cam video, go to the Perth Amboy's Police Department Facebook