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Click here to download for grant summary given to the community from the City of Perth Amboy by the Mayor and Municipal Council

Click here to download CAPER 2020 Public Hearing Announcement-October 25, 2021
Click here to download CAPER 2020 Public Hearing Agenda-November 3, 2021
Click here to download CAPER DRAFT FY 2020- October 21, 2021
Click here to download CAPER 2020 Public Hearing Announcement
Click here to download CAPER 2020 Public Hearing Agenda
Click here to download CAPER DRAFT FY 2020

Click here to download Amended Annual Action Plan 2021 DRAFT
Click here to download Amendment 2021 Action Plan public hearing agenda 5-20-21
Click here to download CDBG-HOME changed Allocations FY21 5-17-21

Click here to download FY2021 Annual Action Plan Draft
Click here to download 2020 Action Plan Amendment Agenda
Click here to download Amendment FY19 COVID Round 3 Funding
Click here to download CAPER DRAFT FY2019 documents
Click here to download CDBG-CV FY2019 Amended Annual Action Plan
Click here to download CDBG/HOME Consolidated Plan 2020 - 2024

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

The Community Development Block Grant provides annual grants to develop viable communities by providing funding for decent housing, suitable living environments, and expanding economic opportunities, principally for low and moderate income persons.

Home Investment Partnerships Grant (HOME)

The Home Investment Partnerships grant is designed exclusively to create affordable housing for low-income households. The program is designed to reinforce several important values and principles of community development, such as empowering people and communities to design and implement strategies tailored to their own needs and priorities, expanding and strengthening partnerships among all levels of government and the private sector in the development of affordable housing.

Click here to download the CDBG & HOME Grant Applications

cdbg & home 2021 timetable

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