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Date: December 6, 2021
Contact: Office of the Mayor, Helmin J. Caba 
[email protected]
(732) 826-0290 X4005


PERTH AMBOY (December 6, 2021):  Working to advance and improve the Perth Amboy Free Public Library, Mayor Helmin J. Caba conducted an Oath of Office Ceremony for eight (8) newly appointed Library Board of Trustees on Thursday, December 2, at the Perth Amboy Free Public Library.

“As our public library embarks on this new chapter, let’s strive to provide our residents with the educational support that’s needed to meet the challenges of the 21st century,” said Mayor Helmin J. Caba to the Library Board of Trustees
The Library Board had not been active for nearly two years and many terms were left vacant. Prior to the pandemic, the Library Board functioned as an advisory group, but based on statute N.J.S.A. 40:54-1 et seq, as referenced in Perth Amboy’s library ordinance, municipal libraries have the authority to be self-governed and could receive state funding when state requirements are met.

Many of the newly appointed Board of Trustees have background experience working in libraries. The following is the list of currently appointed Library Board of Trustees.

Barbara Sottilaro – Retired Librarian, Mauger Middle School, Middlesex , NJ
Brenda Delgadillo - Human Resource Manager, Henry’s United
Dr. Courtney Pepe - District Director of Instructional Technology, Perth Amboy Board of Education
Dr. Jaqueline Littlejohn - Community School Principal, Middlesex Public Schools
Jaime Fazzina – Library Media Specialist, McGinnis School Media Center, Perth Amboy Board of Education
Maria Diaz - Library Assistant, Perth Amboy High School Media Center, Perth Amboy Board of Education
Rosalie Morillo - High School English Teacher, Perth Amboy Board of Education
Pamela Hedberg - Former Scholarship Program Specialist, Middlesex College
Vickiana Ortega - Property Manager, Perth Amboy
“When I saw the opening I thought, we really need to make a bridge from McGinnis School, which is right down the block, to this library”, said Library Board of Trustee Jaime Fazzina, who is a Media Specialist for the Perth Amboy Board of Education. Other Board of Trustees shared the same excitement and honor for being appointed. Retired school librarian, Barbara Sottilaro who was reappointed to the board mentioned, “I want to see the full potential of this library become like Cheers, where everyone wants to go.”                                                 

Reigniting the Library Board and enhancing the library’s educational services and programs were a part of Mayor Caba’s 2020 mayoral campaign. Some of the progress made with the library this year include the approval of a $1.5M grant from Congressman Frank Pallone’s office that is earmarked to pass the House of Representatives in 2022, the launch of community programs including the Brian Taylor Exhibition, the Consumer Fraud Protection workshop, the Hispanic Heritage Celebration and Hanukkah Celebration.

Preparing for the work ahead, the Board of Trustees attended a virtual webinar on Library Laws that was hosted by the New Jersey league of Municipalities on December 3. The Library Board of Trustees are scheduled to officially meet on Tuesday, December 14 at 5pm to discuss the appointment of officers, library roles and responsibilities at the Perth Amboy Library. The Library Board of Trustee meetings take place every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 5pm.

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