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(PERTH AMBOY, NJ- 12/19/2023) The City of Perth Amboy proudly introduces the "Grinch Special," a captivating 5-part social media series titled "Keep Your Holiday Celebrations Grinch-Proof." This innovative campaign combines essential public safety tips with festive storytelling, offering an engaging and informative experience for all residents during the holidays.

The "Grinch Special" series begins with Part 1: "The Great Escape," where the Grinch's journey starts as he escapes his cell and lurks around the city, leaving us wondering about the mischief he will cause. In Part 2: "Caught On Camera," The Grinch, now back on the streets, is plotting his next move, raising the question of whether he will disrupt or delight us this holiday season. The series escalates in Part 3: "Grinch on the Loose," where City Hall is thrown into chaos by the Grinch, challenging the Mayor to outshine this unexpected festive intruder. Part 4, "Grinch at City Hall," sees the Grinch's antics reaching a peak at City Hall, calling for community involvement to capture this green menace and restore joy. The series concludes with Part 5: "Grinch Captured," a triumphant finale where, with the community’s help, the Grinch is finally caught, allowing us to celebrate our success and the spirit of community this holiday season.

"This unique campaign reflects our commitment to innovative community engagement, said Mayor Helmin J. Caba.  “It’s a fun, memorable way to share important safety messages. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our creative team, police department, and city staff, we’re making this holiday season safe and enjoyable for everyone in Perth Amboy."

"The 'Grinch Special' is more than just an entertaining series,” said Police Chief Larry Cattano, “it's a creative way to remind our community about the importance of safety during the holidays. We believe in combining fun with practical advice to keep everyone secure and joyful."


  1. Avoid overloading electrical outlets.
  2. Keep Christmas trees away from heat sources.
  3. Be aware and alert during outdoor activities.
  4. Avoid distractions while driving.
  5. Secure delivery areas for packages.
  6. Always lock your vehicles.
  7. Secure your home, including windows and outbuildings.
  8. Be vigilant against internet scams.

The "Grinch Special" is a testament to Perth Amboy's dedication to combining public safety with engaging community outreach. We invite everyone to join us on our social media channels on this special holiday journey on @cityofperthamboy on Facebook, Instagram, and the city’s YouTube channel at

CONTACT: Lisett Lebron | Chief of Staff | Office of the Mayor | City of Perth Amboy | (732) 801-1574 | [email protected]